Our History

History of the Province Line Swim Club

In the early 1960’s, three local residents – Bill Terhune, Ken Dorey and Bob Karch – had an idea: why not get a group of people together and build a swimming pool and recreation area where we can all go and relax, have fun and beat the heat? Over afternoon backyard barbecues and during summer evenings on their porches, they discussed the idea. This small nucleus grew to a group of 25 families, each initially investing $400, and the group set about establishing the Club and facilities now known as the Province Line Swim Club.

As it turned out, getting started was not easy. It was a shock to discover that Montgomery Township required them to own at least five acres for the pool! The original group did a lot of looking for a suitable location, until finally Johnson Moore sold them 5 acres from his farm for $2,000. Interestingly, the land in use today once had a railroad going through it, not just beside it: the rail bed from the old Hopewell line, which ended during the Frog Wars, runs through the property and can still be seen.

The fledgling club got a lot of free help. Dix Skillman chartered the Club at no cost. Gene Piller surveyed the land. Ray Hunt did the construction. The Van Fleets did the electrical work, and Ed Weingart, the plumbing. Bob Saums donated tile. John VanZant located a sod cutting machine and in one weekend the Club had grass. The Province Line Swim Club started out as, and still is today, a truly cooperative effort.

It wasn’t all smooth sailing, even with the donated help: the Club still had to take out a mortgage. To help raise additional money, the Club held fundraisers, including dances and swim parties. Over time, the loan was paid-off, the mortgage burned, and the Club had its first birthday party in 1964.

The Club has traditionally had potluck suppers, free lessons, and low guest fees. Thanks to the ideas, foresight, and efforts of a few families over forty years ago, the Province Line Swim Club exists today as a place to relax, exercise, make friends, and to entertain and nurture children.